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jacquard lace machine

jacquard lace machine


Special design and developed high speed rapier jacquard lable loom for high quality, all kind of fatin/taffeta woven, jacquard lace and ribbons

Steady, hing precision machines frame with on frame built jacquard gantry to enhance beating motion and optimise maximum shed geometry.

specialized full width temple and thermo fixing device excellent ironing and shaping effect.

high quality thermal cutting systems achieve soft edge cut quality finishing.


Rapier Model : XH-R1 rapier loom
Width : 190 CM / 230 CM
Color Selection : 8 Electronic color selector
Feeder : 6 Electronic feeder (IRO star G2 - italy )
Control system : Electronic control system with micro processor
Warp let-off : Servo motor, electronic let-off with tensioning device
Take up : Electronic servo motor take-up
Stop motion : Electronic auto stop motion
Weft density : 5 ~ 375 PPI (picks per inch)>
Weft finding : Auto pick findinig device with variable program
Lubrication system : Centralized auto lubricating system
Warp beam : Diameter 800 MM
Cloth roll : 600 MM maximum
Hooks : 1152 / 1792 hooks
Harness Cord : European standard harness cord
Motor power : 7.5 kw main motor (3 phase, 380V, 50HZ, + 10% tolerance)
Net Weight : Approximate 5500 kg
Full machine dimension : l4900 mm x W 17500 mm x H 3900 mm