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rapier looms


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Model SU736 rapier loom series are well designed with precision manufacturing facilities and advanced detective instruments, suitable for weaving cotton, wool, hemp and synthetic fibers into high-grade fabrics.

Based on the design of SU788 rapier loom series, together with the advantages of various looms from home and abroad, Model SU736 rapier loom series have the features of strong and durable structure, smooth performance, high ratio of performance/price, and wide weaving range. It is very popular among our users.

product Specification

Model: SU736
Reed Space(cm): 200-230(cm) | 280- 300(cm) | 340(cm)
Working Speed(rpm): 250-280(rpm) | 220-240(rpm) | 180-200(rpm)
Motor power: 1.5-2.2 (KW)
Shedding Device : Upper mechanical dobby with spring forced heald retum
Filling insertion : 6 levers filling insertion, center commtction
Beating Motion: 4 levers and short levers
Let-off Motion : Oil bath active let-off mechanism, 680mm beam disk diameter
Take-up and fabric roller : Contimuous take-up, max fabric rolling diameter 420mn
Warp broken stop : Automatic stop by 6-row warp broken sensor
Weft broken stop : Automatic stop by weft broken sensor
Color selection: Dobby/electronic control,6 colors
Selvage Device: Leno Device
Loom Operation: By control buttons on both sides of loom
Electric Control: By micro-computer controlled electromagnet cluth and brake