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rapier looms


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This machine is specially designed with heavy and thick wall body structure and with all high-tech functions. This machine is suitable to manufacture natural fiber, artificial fiber and decorative yarns with narrow heavy fabrics.


Model: SU788
Reed Width ): 190 - 280(cm)
Speed : 170 - 220(rpm)
Power : 2.2(KW)
Shedding : Mechanical Dobby, 20 Shaft
Structure : Case Structure with Oil Lubrication.
Feeder: Electronic Feeder (6 Small )
Color : 6 Color, Mechanical Color Selector
Head Frame : 16 Head Frame
Roll Up : Positive continuous mechanical take-up
Run - In - Wrap : Positive continuous mechanical let-off
Warp Stop Motion : Six rows Electronic Device, Auto Stop Motion
Beam/Clothroll: Advance Microcomputer LCD Control Panel
Reed : 1.5 pcs
Dropper/Wire : 6000 Dropper / 6000 Nylon Wire
Net Weight : 2200KG